Trade and Manage Held Away Accounts

Pontera’s Order Management System allows advisors to manage and trade any held away account just like they do with custodied accounts.

Trade and

Trade and rebalance held away accounts just like custodied accounts, all through a single interface. With Pontera, advisors can communicate a buy or sell order to any type of account, including 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 529s and more.

Build and Strengthen Relationships

Advisors who integrate Pontera into their practice report adoption rates among eligible clients of more than 80%. The Pontera platform allows advisors to offer a differentiated, truly holistic experience to both existing and prospective clients.

Solve Compliance Challenges

With audit trails and supervision tracking capabilities, Pontera helps advisors stay in compliance with various financial regulators while alleviating custody and rollover challenges on held away assets.

Safeguard Client Information

Pontera is dedicated to protecting client data, and individual clients retain ultimate control over their accounts. Pontera’s engineering team has spent 10 years designing, building and implementing security architecture specifically focused on held away accounts.

Integrates with Existing Technology

Pontera integrates with many of the portfolio management and billing platforms used by advisors. This allows advisors to see held away data alongside custodied accounts and incorporate it into performance reporting and billing, just like any other account. Learn more.

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