May 22, 2022

Pontera Earns “Remarkable” User Rating in 2022 T3 Survey

  • Pontera users reported high satisfaction levels, leading to a score that the study considered “remarkable.”
  • Our platform was listed among those that survey authors said “should be on any software buyer’s radar.”
  • We plan to continue adding features, partnerships, and tech integrations to deliver a great experience for advisors and their clients

Each year, wealth technology (wealthtech) media and advisory firm Technology Tools for Today (T3) releases the results of its Financial Advisor Software Survey, which ranks leading software solutions across 36 categories based on feedback from financial advisors. Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres released the latest update to the industry-famous study at the T3 Advisor Conference in Denton, Texas, based on data collected in late 2021 and early 2022, when Pontera was still known as FeeX.

As part of our mission to help people reach a better retirement we strive to ensure that our products always meet (and exceed) the standards of financial advisors and their clients. As a benchmark of our progress, we were proud to see that financial advisors rated us highly in this year’s study.

While Pontera provides a unique service beyond the traditional segmentation of wealthtechs, it was included (as FeeX) in two categories for the 2022 report: Trading/Rebalancing Tools and Account Aggregation Tools. Pontera scored significantly higher than average in both categories. When compared to Trading/Rebalancing tools, Pontera had a user satisfaction rating of 8.12, compared to an average of 7.43. When framed as an Account Aggregation Tool, Pontera’s users rated it at 7.91, compared to a category average of 7.19.

We continue working to reach a rating of “10” in both categories. Nonetheless, we take great pride in how our users rated us. The survey’s authors note that “any rating of 7.0 or above represents a high degree of user satisfaction, and any figure above 8.0 should be considered remarkable.”

Pontera was also listed as a “Mighty Mite,” a designation for rapidly emerging tech solutions that earned a user rating of over 8/10. The study writers call inclusion in this category “outstanding.” According to the study, Pontera is among the solutions that “should be on any software buyer’s radar” and that they expect adoption to continue to grow quickly “as more advisors become aware of [Pontera’s] unique feature set.”

About the T3 Survey

The T3 survey is an annual snapshot of leading technology solutions used by financial advisors across 36 different categories. This year, the authors polled nearly 4,500 advisors between December 2021 and March 2022.

The survey estimates both market penetration (the percentage of all firms utilizing a product or service) and advisors’ satisfaction with their technology choices.

[If you would like to download the complete 2022 T3 Report, please click here.]

Our Focus on Customer Satisfaction

We’re always excited when advisors make the decision to use Pontera because it means that more investors will have access to a better retirement. And we’re especially proud that our existing users gave us such high satisfaction ratings. As we wrote earlier this year, we believe that listening to our customers – and their clients – is the key to building a successful, impactful product.

This is the first year that Pontera has been included in the T3 rankings, which means that the survey authors cannot quantify the platform’s year-over-year growth in market share. However, 100 advisors across both categories confirmed that they are considering adding Pontera to their firm. As the survey authors wrote:

“We expect to see [Pontera’s] market share grow as more advisors become aware of its unique feature set.”

Looking to the Future

In order to help millions of additional investors reach their dream retirement, we will continue to innovate and grow. We plan to do this in three ways:

First, by continually enhancing our platform. Over the past decade we have built an amazing team of engineers, designers, and product developers who are consistently rolling out new features and integrating user feedback into platform updates. In doing so, we will continue to improve the product experience for advisors and for their end clients.

Second, by building new partnerships with leading advisory firms. In recent months, we’ve been proud to announce the following partnerships, and we plan to release even more announcements in the upcoming weeks:

And finally, continuing to make it even easier for advisors to integrate Pontera into their existing tech stack to seamlessly manage and trade held away accounts. We are proud to partner with the following firms, and plan to announce additional technology integrations in the coming months:

If you are not currently a Pontera user and would like to schedule a demo, please complete a contact form so that someone on our team can reach out to you.