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Our Mission

Pontera (formerly FeeX) is dedicated to helping individuals retire with greater wealth and financial security. Founded in 2012, we work with RIAs, Broker-Dealers, and some of the largest financial institutions in the country.

Our Team

Pontera has put together a team committed to building solutions for age-old challenges. We are a diverse, customer-focused team of problem solvers, creative thinkers, engineers and financial services veterans focused on finding solutions that benefit everyone.

Our Partners

Pontera has built partnerships with some of the largest firms in the financial services industry. We are backed by a number of notable venture capital firms who agree that helping advisors manage their clients’ retirement and held away accounts is critically important.

We’re Hiring

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In the News

Pontera and Hilltop Wealth Advisors Announce Partnership
Pontera and Hilltop Wealth Advisors have partnered to allow Hilltop's financial advisors to utilize the platform for held away account management. Chris Hostetler, CFP, Financial Advisor and Partner at Hilltop Wealth Advisors said: "Through our partnership with Pontera, our advisors gain the additional capability to securely manage clients’ retirement accounts as part of our holistic approach to wealth management."
GeoWealth Adds Integration With Pontera
Chicago-based TAMP GeoWealth added an integration with Pontera to improve RIAs' access to held away account data and the ability to manage their clients' 401(k) and other retirement accounts. With Pontera’s technology, GeoWealth can now incorporate held away data alongside custodied accounts for performance reporting and billing.
Pontera and RFG Announce Partnership
Hybrid RIA RFG Advisory has partnered with Pontera to enable their independent financial advisors to securely manage more of their clients' portfolios and help them reach a better retirement.
Capitect Announces Integration with Pontera
Capitect announced that it has integrated with Pontera to enable financial advisors who use the company’s platform to include held away assets in reporting, billing, and rebalancing. Advisors who use both platforms can view data on these assets inside Capitect to build performance and asset allocation reports as part of holistic planning, applying their advice and strategies to retirement accounts.
WealthTech Today Ep. 141: The Anatomy of 401(k) Trading
Pontera's Dave Goldman joined Craig Iskowitz to talk about the benefits of advisor management of retirement accounts and other held away assets, including a focus on the cybersecurity threats that Pontera can help alleviate.
Pontera Announces Integration with SS&C’s Advent Custodial Data® Network to Help Advisors Manage Clients’ Retirement Assets
Pontera announced an integration with SS&C’s Advent Custodial Data® network. The technology integration provides held away account data for firms using SS&C’s advisory solutions. Users can view, report, supervise, and bill on 401(k), 403(b), and other held away accounts managed on Pontera’s platform through SS&C’s Advent Custodial Data® Network, including the Black Diamond® Wealth Platform, Axys, Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX), and Geneva.
planadviser: Advisers Can Integrate Clients’ Self-Directed Retirement Accounts
SageView Advisory Group and financial technology company Pontera have partnered on a platform to enable advisers to manage and trade clients’ retirement accounts. The platform passed rigorous cybersecurity quality controls that assess the risks associated with outsourced software solutions that store customer data online, according to the companies.
FeeX Secures $80M in New Investment, Changes Name to Pontera
FeeX announced that it has raised $80 million across three recent funding rounds and changed its name to Pontera. Pontera comes from the Latin “pont,” meaning “bridge,” and reflects the company’s aspirations to create the bridge between individuals and a better retirement..
Dynamic Advisor Solutions Partners with Pontera to Actively Manage Held-Away Accounts
Dynamic Advisor Solutions has partnered with FeeX to provide a Premium Service option that integrates held-away accounts. The service gives advisors visibility into their clients' held-away holdings and available investments. Advisors can execute a sell, buy or exchange order on behalf of their clients, opening avenues of opportunity to add value and improve financial outcomes for their clients.
Orion Teams With FeeX For Management of Held-Away Assets
A new data feed between Orion and FeeX gives Orion users visibility into the held-away assets managed through the FeeX platform, granting advisors a more complete picture of an investor’s financial landscape, and enabling a more coordinated asset management strategy.